Golfing at Cathedral Canyon


Sue got up just in time to see the sun rise over the golf course outside on our patio. We had breakfast out there and watched some early golfers tee off.
After breakfast I went online to and ordered a cheap Yamaha classical guitar. It’s supposed to arrive in a few days. Sue read her book, 419, by Will Ferguson. She’s close to being done — she’ll finish it today. Sue talked to Alex by phone. I did some computer work.
After lunch we got in the van and headed off to Cathedral City. I wanted to stop along the way at a golf store to buy a retriever — we’d heard the course had a lot of water — but the Garmin led us to a location where there MAY have been a golf shop, but if there was, it’s moved. Oh well. We went to the Cathedral Canyon golf course (we’d booked it online yesterday). Although we were a bit early, once we’d paid we were told that we were up next. We got on our cart and headed out to the first tee. The course is a bit worn — greens are a bit rough. But the day was perfect. The course wasn’t busy — we barely ever had to wait for the couple ahead of us, and we ‘lost’ the couple behind us a few holes in. The mountains seem so close. Our pace was quick — but not rushed. We wondered if we would be able to finish 18 holes before it got dark — but we did, just barely.
After golf we headed back towards home — stopped at the Monterey Albertson’s for groceries and more cash. Then home. Sue quickly rustled up some supper. Sue read a bit more. We watched the Daily Show and Colbert at around 7pm, then a bit more computing and reading and TV. Tough to stay awake tonight — I think all that fresh air and exercise has plum tuckered me out. Goodnight.