Swinging the Clubs

Slept in this morning — the radio alarm was already on by the time we got out of bed. Coffee, toast. Worked on the computer for a while. Dave Driedger skyped — new golf passes, new used bike for MaryLou, planning a hike to the petraglyphs on Superstition. By 10 we were off to the clubhouse to sign our ‘residence’ cards and get our driving range passes for the day (all you can hit, all day, for $10). It was warm today. By 11:30 I was wiped and hungry for lunch.

Sue swinging at the Chaparral Driving Range
Sue swinging at the Chaparral Driving Range

After lunch we hung around the house until 2pm, when we went back to the range. Hit some more balls, until I got blisters on my right hand. But at least my shots were going straight. Not so for Sue. She was winging them to the left pretty regularly. Well, except when she shanked one to the right and hit the guy to the right of her with an errant shot. Twice! Yikes. Hope these people have glass insurance, never mind medical coverage.
After 3pm we went to the clubhouse and had a cool beer on the patio, overlooking the 1st and 18th holes. Spectacular scenery. Should have taken a photo.
Rudy at the Chaparral Driving Range
Rudy working on his short game.

When we got back to our house we got serious about booking some real golf — and we did. Tomorrow afternoon at Cathedral Country Club. Hope my sore muscles and blisters are healed by then.
At four o’clock we got the laptop all set up on the dining room table. Sue then skyped with a reporter from the Albuquerque ABC TV station — while a cameraman filmed her. They’re doing a story about our purse snatching incident.
After that was over we skyped with Tim and Alex about their holiday plans. Looks like THEIR passport issues are about to be resolved — Max now has the proper birth certificate and his passport should be arriving in the next few days.
The FedEx delivery person knocked on the door and delivered Sue’s new iPad mini — cover! The iPad is supposed to arrive later this week.
Then it was time to make supper. Sue roasted potatoes and I barbecued cheeseburgers. Got to use the new barbecue tools (ordered by our ‘landlord’ from Amazon, they arrived yesterday).
After supper we watched a bit of TV and I continued my computer work. The kids skyped that they have booked their plane tickets for mid-February — so that’s good. We’re all set.