Don’t listen to those weather reports

The forecasters proved that they’re no better at guessing the weather in Phoenix than they are in Steinbach. This cold and cloudy day turned out to be a little cool and quite sunny.
Still, we spent most of the day inside. Sue went to do a big grocery shop at Bashas in the morning (in order to cash in on the once-a-month “Senior’s Day”).
After lunch we decided NOT to go for a bike ride and NOT to go golfing because it was too cold outside. Instead, we went for a long walk to Walgreen’s to return our movie rental. On the way there we stopped in at the golf course and talked to the owner (Dale) to get a price on golf clubs for Sue. He gave us a good price on ordering the Ping clubs that Sue got fitted for yesterday. But he also asked us to consider the Callaways he has in stock. We’ll probably go for the Callaways.
After we dropped off the movie we walked back home along the highway. Looking at the beauty of the green golf course and the setting sun reflected in Superstition Mountain, we knew we had made the wrong call about golfing today — it was another very nice afternoon.
Sue making manicottiSupper was the usual — that is, absolutely fantastic! Sue was hungry for manicotti. Although she said it was a lot of work to make it she is rarely happier than when she’s got a bunch of food to prepare.
Wow! and it tastes as good as it looks!After supper we watched our TV shows. After The Colbert Report I picked one of the movies here in the coffee table and we watched that. It turned out that “Mr Brooks” was a pretty good movie — entertaining, at least. After that a bit of TV and then to bed.