No clubs for Sue, free bike for Rudy

Skyped with Dave Driedger for a while this morning — discussion about dates for their visit here in January/February. Then we went for a bike ride. It was cool enough to wear cycling jackets, but otherwise nice and sunny. We talked to a homeowner about the big 35,000 single-family home that is being constructed up on a hill not far from our place.
Cruiser bikeOn our way home we passed a home with a bunch of boxes piled up as garbage — and noticed a ‘broken’ bike sitting there. It looked like it was also being thrown out. I went back and asked the owner about it — she told me I was welcome to have it. So Sue and I went to pick it up with the van. The back wheel had no tube. Back in our garage, I used one of the tubes we bought for our hybrid bikes and pumped up both tires. With a little adjustment, the bike soon looked almost good as new. In fact, the tires look completely new! It’s not really a cruising bike, but we think it will be great for some of our guests to use for cycling around the neighborhoods here.
Hole #11 at Mountain BrookAfter lunch we had to hurry to get to the golf course. We had hoped to buy some new clubs for Sue today, but Dale, the owner, wasn’t in. So we used our regular clubs and headed out for a 2:45 tee-off. Some discouraging holes for both Sue and me — but in the end we both had fun. It turned out that our 9-hole scores were actually about average for us! And with the early start, we ended up running across the road after hole number 9 and golfing a couple of extra holes. Well, hole number 12 had a big water hazard. I splashed 4 balls before finally smacking a shot near the green. Just then the guy came around to collect the flags — we were not really supposed to be there. Now we had to shoot for greens without a pin to mark the hole. Well, it was cooling off quickly and we need to skedaddle to get back to the parking lot before dark.
Bad Moon RisingAn almost full moon was rising above Superstition Mountain. Gorgeous.
Back at home I checked to see what was on tap for Thursday Night Football; and figuring that it would be a Steelers’ blowout over the Browns, we decided NOT to go to the Firehouse Bar. In fact, we didn’t even order pizza. Instead, Sue warmed up some leftover spaghetti and made a salad and we had our own supper at home. We watched NFL online.