Reading, Hiking, Movie

Read in the morning. I’m reading the Dave Bergen book “The Matter with Morris” and Sue’s reading the Steve Jobs biography. After lunch Sue baked some not-so-monster monster cookies. Then we hiked up (to the very top) of Silly Mountain before coming back down and having our cookie snack with a G&T. The day was sunny and probably warmer than any day this week.
After supper (leftover manicotti) we watched our TV shows. Then we watched another of Jill’s movies, “Meet Joe Black”. It was pretty good. It was pretty long! Still, even though Sue was tired and it was already 11pm, we watched the CBC podcasts (At Issue and Rex Murphy), before she went to bed.
Van-Morrison-live-bootlegI had been downloading a collection of 60 Van Morrison bootleg albums all day, and before going to bed (at 2am!) I looked through them and added some of them to my iTunes playlists.