Dust storm in AZ

We went to exchange our Mediacom TV box today. Not that easy. Had to call Richard in Manitoba to get authorization to exchange our box for an HD box. The lady at the Mediacom office felt sorry for us, but couldn’t really make the switch without Richard’s okay. We went to Walmart to shop for sandals and a cell phone before returning to Mediacom — where the lady finally called Richard directly and we got our HD box.

Back at home I plugged it in only to find that we still didn’t get any of the HD channels. So I skyped Mediacom and they did a reset from their end. While we waited for that to take effect, Sue and I went for a walk. We went to Ed and Val’s house and put their garbage bin back into the garage and returned the garage door opener. Then we went to Basha’s and ordered a pizza. By now the sky was already quite gray with blowing sand.

We had an early supper and watched a bit of TV. Not much good on. I finally connected my Mac to the TV and we watched the CBC National news (live streaming) and Thursday’s episode of “At Issue” and Rex Murphy. Felt like we were at home. We’ll probably do that more regularly.