Brrrr… Not what we came here for!

After yesterday’s dust storm and last night’s rain shower, we woke up to a gray, cloudy, and cold Arizona morning. Superstition Mountain was shrouded in cloud. I tinkered with the “TracFone” cell phone we bought at Walmart yesterday — and couldn’t get it to register in our zip code. So I guess we’ll return that.

We had bacon and eggs for breakfast and eventually got into our cycling shorts and went for a morning bike ride. There were signs posted along the way advertising garage sales and an “Art Tour”. We stopped at quite a few garage sales along the way. When we got to the end of our 10km loop we stopped at the Walgreen’s and bought a “MagicJack” phone that plugs into our computer. We picked up bread at Bashas’ on the way home.

Lunch. Then I installed the new MagicJack phone and pulled out all the handsets in the cupboard and plugged them in. Registered the phone and it all seemed to work. Now we have a phone number! I paid an extra $10 for a Winnipeg number so the long distance shouldn’t be a problem for people at home to call us. Sue and I each called our moms and everything was cool.

I went outside to work on the yard for a bit. Finally got the sprinkler system to work only to find out that there are a couple of major ‘leaks’ in the lines. I’ll either need to get them fixed or just turn the whole thing off. It was a bit cool outside, but now that the sun was out it seemed a whole lot nicer than it had been in the morning.

Supper was warmed up leftover pizza. I was on the ‘help live chat’ option with the MagicJack techies trying to figure out why we got ‘busy’ signals when we called our new number. Didn’t get the issue resolved. They will email us when they have a solution.

Then we got a Skype call from Tim and Alex — and when they called our new MagicJack number it all worked! So I don’t know what’s up with that. Discussed flight back to Phoenix after Christmas options with them.

Well, the Bombers lost a big game to Calgary this afternoon, but the Lions appear to be beating the Alouettes big time tonight. That’ll put the Bombers in first place in the east for the playoffs. Looking forward to Sunday NFL games tomorrow.

Time for a little TV.