Sunday, a day of rest

Although most of North America had an extra hour of sleep last night, not us in Arizona. Like Saskatchewan, we don’t observe Daylight Savings Time. But as of today, we’re just an hour behind Steinbach.

So we watched our regular Sunday morning ‘news’ shows — Fareed and Reliable Sources on CNN. Then it was time for football. Ironically we get more choices of games at home than we do here in Arizona, because at home we get Detroit, Minnesota, and Winnipeg channels, and often they pick up different games at each location. Here we had to settle for the local CBS and FOX channels. Oh well, it was just fine.

As we were watching the second game of the afternoon we got a call on our new MagicJack phone — Dorothy and Bob Schinkel were just 15 minutes from our place, shopping at the big Mesa Flea Market. So they came over and we barbecued steaks and had supper together. Had a fine visit.

About halfway through the Sunday Night Football game the Schinkels got back into their Porsche and headed back across town to their home in Goodyear. Strawberries and ice cream for snack. A great first weekend here in Arizona.