Early Morning Golf

If you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet. Proverbs 3:24

I was awake early this morning. When I got downstairs Dave was making coffee and MaryLou was upstairs getting ready to go golfing. Okay! By seven o’clock we were teeing off. The conditions were great, even if not all our shots were.

MaryLou left us after nine, but Dave and I pressed on. By the time we were done I’d broken a hundred again. We parked our clubs in the storage at the clubhouse and headed back home. It was 11:00. Nearly time for lunch. I made a quick trip to the mini-super to get some sandwich fixings.

Dave suggested we watch another episode of “True Detective” after lunch. We were all ready to begin when Dave decided that he should have a little nap first. Okay. I read my book and MaryLou continued working on her computer. After Dave’s short nap we got back to our places and Dave queued up the program on our TV. We watched a couple of minutes and then the picture froze. Oh oh. Internet is flaky. Restart. We got a few minutes further into the program before it froze again. After at least 5 starts and stops Dave turned the TV off. Not working. Now MaryLou decided to have a nap. I tried reading for a while longer, but soon I too was fast asleep on my couch. So that’s how we spent our afternoon!

“True Detective” on TV

A couple of hours later we gave it another try. Dave made caesars and started up the TV. Better. Still not perfect — but now we got at least ten or fifteen minutes between restarts. We watched two episodes before supper.

MaryLou made 3 little salads and we each helped ourselves to leftover pasta, warmed up in the microwave. After supper I did the dishes and MaryLou went upstairs to work. Dave was busy playing games on his iPad. I figured if the Driedgers were done watching TV for the evening I would use this opportunity to watch the movie “Wildfire”, which the Driegers watched a couple of weeks ago.

Dave hung around for a while before heading upstairs. I enjoyed the movie quite a lot — although it was quite a bleak story. I noticed that our ‘Rocket TV’ had a bunch of new movies listed in the menu, so after my movie I watched a new documentary about the “Panama Papers”. At around eleven o’clock I shut things down downstairs and headed up to bed for yet some more “sweet sleep”.