Easter Sunday Dinner

Sue and I sat inside all morning reading. Sue did a load of laundry and hung it out on our balcony for a while. It had rained all night and the air was still cold. Eventually she moved the rack inside and of course that’s when the sun came out. At a little after 12:00 it was time for us to head out to Mouille Point for our 12:30 lunch date. I wore jeans, socks, shoes, and a sweater! That’s a first since our arrival here in Cape Town.

We got a table for 6 in a nook surrounded by shelves of books at the Hussar Grille Restaurant. We were just seated when our guests arrived. Marina and her 8-year-old daughter Emma, Marina’s partner Lukas, and Emma’s friend Nina. Easter dinner, and also a farewell dinner with our old friend Marina. We had a great couple of hours. The Hussar Grille specializes in steak and ribs, so that’s what we had. The girls ate their calamari and then brought out sketching books and playing cards and kept themselves busy at the table while the adults visited. Marina is in the middle of a very busy month at work. Lukas’s leg, which had developed a serious achilles infection that kept him tied to an IV and more-or-less immobile for the past 3 months, was finally healing and he now wore a removable cast. He is off to Ghana in a couple of weeks to speak at an anti-torture prison reform symposium. When we finally got up from the table it was time to say goodbye. Marina has been more than hospitable  — she’s organized ‘reunions’ with our old ‘sailing team’, met us for breakfast, and had us over to her place for dinner twice. We’d love to return the favour someday and welcome her to our home — and we hope it won’t be another 14 years until we meet again.

Our walk back to our apartment through Green Point Park was interrupted by a FaceTime call from Alex and Max. Happy Easter at their house too. Max was quite excited about all the Easter treats he’d collected so far, and was still looking forward to one more Easter gathering later this afternoon. It will be good to see him in a couple of days.

jazz-at-big-routeBack at the house we watched a bit of TV and ate the last of our cheese and crackers for happy hour. At around 7 we went out again, this time back to the Big Route pizza joint just around the corner. I’d seen a poster advertising Sunday night live jazz there. We weren’t really hungry for pizza but once we sat down at the bar and heard the band playing we decided we might as well order something and enjoy the music. Good decision. The music was great, the place was packed, and the pizza we shared was pretty good!

We got back home at around 10 o’clock. We watched the CBC National and went to bed. Our last overnight in Cape Town.