Today it rained on our parade

Today was the big marathon run in Cape Town — 11,000 runners ran the 56km Ultra Marathon and another 16,000 ran the half marathon. What a day for it! We woke up and it was cool and wet outside — it had rained at night, and it would rain more later in the day.

We stayed inside for the day. Had two coffees each to go with our bacon and eggs. Sat on the couch and read and computed and played games and watched TV. Sue actually left the building at one point to go buy a bottle of wine, but I stayed in the apartment all day.

In the evening it started raining harder. Wind blowing. Not a lot of traffic outside our window. Sue and I sat and watched TV — lots of Bill Maher clips on YouTube. Ice cream and a chocolate bar for snack. To bed by 11:30.