Ed gets (another) two

Poor Jess! She’s been fighting a cold all week — and just when it looks like she’s getting better, she feels worse again.

We had a visit from the Driedgers this morning — they are getting ready to leave. They have to be out of their rented home by tomorrow noon, and will probably be on the road heading for home this Sunday. So they cleaned out their fridge and brought over a big laundry basket of food things. We’ve enjoyed their company here for the last couple of months and we’ll miss them.

After breakfast Ed and Jessie went for a walk in the neighbourhood. They were just back when Sue and I got on our bikes and cycled over to Bashas to buy some bread. We got back at noon — just in time to have sandwiches with that ‘new’ bread.

After lunch Sue went to the pool and I went to the driving range. Jessie had a nap, trying once again to ‘sleep off’ her cold.

I skyped with Alex a bit when I got back from hitting balls, and then Ed and I headed to Mountain Brook for 9 holes of golf at 3:30.

Ed gets a TWO
Ed gets a TWO

So on the first hole we both hit our drives to within about 140 yards of the pin. Ed takes out his nine iron and lines up his shot. He swings his club and the ball sails up in the air, straight for the pin. Good shot. Ed turns and puts his club back in the bag, then looks back at the green just in time to watch that ball land, roll forward, and drop into the cup just in front of the flagstick. Are you kidding me? That’s a TWO on the par four first hole! Wow!


Ed ALMOST gets another TWO
Ed ALMOST gets another TWO

But he’s not done yet. On the fourth hole he hits his tee shot, lands on the left fringe of the green, then chips it to within a couple of INCHES from the cup. Nearly a second TWO! Hole number 7 is another par 3 — and again he JUST MISSES with his first putt. Ed finishes the round with a 38, which includes a pair of sixes. Not too bad.

And I shot a 45. Too bad all that work on the driving range didn’t help my with my 6 hybrid, but at least my putting seemed a bit better today.

We came back to the house for happy hour. Jessie had had TWO naps this afternoon — let’s hope she’s feeling better for tomorrow afternoon’s golf game. We played a few hands of bridge and then Sue warmed up the leftover spaghetti that Dave brought us this morning. And the spaghetti sauces was DELICIOUS! Coffee and peanut-butter chocolate ice cream for dessert.

The boys won their share of bridge games tonight (what else is new?). We played bridge until the 10 o’clock news. Nothing really ‘new’ on there tonight. Then to bed.