End of Week 1

After breakfast (yes, after BREAKFAST) we watched the RedBox DVD we picked up at Walgreens yesterday — Mordecai Richler’s “Barney’s Version”, nominated for Best Makeup Oscar last year. Two hours of great movie. And it’s fun watching movies in the morning — we don’t fall asleep during the slow parts.

After a quick lunch, we went for our first hike. An hour and a half on Silly Mountain. Cool weather, but sunny — perfect for hiking. Showered and then headed into Mesa. Returned our cell phone to Walmart. Bought a new office chair and new jeans. Back home I put the chair together. Then the doorbell rang and my antenna order arrived. I hooked up my computer to the TV, and the audio to the Bose system. I played with the antenna a bit — got 3 Digital channels with the antenna inside the house. I’ll try it again with it mounted outside.

Supper. A bit of computer work for me, reading for Sue. Then we watched Frontline and some late night TV. Off to bed.