Active Lifestyle

Went for a bike ride at around 11. We cycled our regular loop and added a ride around the “Deerfield” suburb — got back to the house at around 12:30. Sue had booked a tee time for 3pm at Mountain Brook. We had our lunch outside — it was sunny and warm — it’s supposed to be cold and rainy again on the weekend so we have to make the most of the weather while we’ve got it. I diddled around with my new antenna but gave up after getting no more than 9 digital channels — PBS, NBC, FOX — even HD, and pretty good reception, but not really a replacement for cable.

Sue on the 9th green

We loaded our clubs into the van and went for 9 holes. Beautiful. One old guy behind us, but he stayed well back and put no pressure on us. We had a few coyotes on the ninth hole. Took a couple of photos on the final green. On our way to the parking lot we heard a squawking bird — and got a photo that explained why all the fuss: a big hawk had a bird in one of its big talons.

Hawk with dinner

We loaded up our clubs and took a ride into Apache Junction, looking for the fruit market Sue heard about. We found it and Sue bought a bunch of fruit. On the way home it was getting dark quite quickly — by 5:30 it was quite dark and by 6 it was completely dark. We stopped on our drive back to take a few pictures of the full moon over Superstition Mountain. Didn’t really get anything we’ll keep, but it really was quite beautiful. Stopped at Bashas’ on the way home and bought bread and a few other grocery items. Then home for supper.

Full moon over Superstition

Sue’s shrimp with pasta was a little too hot (spicy) even for our tastes. But we were hungry and we ate it all. Then we settled down in the living room to watch tonight’s DVD — The Tree of Life. Long and beautiful and a very slow-moving and abstract. We ended our evening with a bit of CBC news.