Time to read…

Today we decided that our ‘activity’ for the day would be golfing (for a second day in a row). So we spent our morning inside; reading, computing, sudokus, eggs and toast. Got an email from Uncle Abe which triggered a whole series of Nikkel emails back and forth. Fun times. Also, we finally booked our flights back here from Winnipeg for January 1. Nice to get that settled.

Then, just before lunch, our Amazon book order arrived. The Steve Jobs book for me and 3 books for Sue. Great! Now we’ve got something to do for the long (Remembrance Day) weekend.

We went to the golf course just after 3pm. It was cooler and windier today, but still a great day for golfing. I shot quite a bit better than yesterday, although somehow I managed to miss recording our scores for one hole and so I don’t actually know how well I shot — well, maybe I should just add ’em up as is.

It was getting quite dark by the time we teed off on our last hole. We’d already heard the coyotes on hole #9 howling — now they were just lying there quietly, waiting for us to clear off. We stopped at Walgreen’s to pick up another RedBox movie (Source Code) before taking the long way round back to our house. A very big moon was slowly rising up from behind Superstition Mountain. Very impressive.

When we got home I lit the barbecue and was cooking chicken while Sue was making salads when the kids Skyped us. Big news: Tim has finalized the deal for a new location for Oak Leaf. A big relief for them; finally an end to the uncertainty about where they’ll be after Christmas.

We had supper and settled in to watch our movie. Sue thought we might have seen it before and I had already decided that Plan B would be to go to the Fireman’s Pub to watch Thursday Night Football if the movie was a repeat. But no, we hadn’t seen it before — so no football tonight. The movie was ‘okay’.

After the movie we watched The National on live-stream, then Letterman before calling it a day.