Remembrance Day

Forgot all about having a ‘special’ Remembrance Day celebration today. I read the introduction to the Steve Jobs bio book this morning.

At 1:30 we went for a walk — ended up walking along the wash between two little developments — not easy to walk on the big stones with lots of brambles scraping our shins — we won’t do that again. But it was a long walk and served the purpose. We showered and ‘cleaned up’ and then sat around waiting for the proper time to arrive for us to go out for our Friday Night Pizza.

At 6pm we got in the van and headed out. We returned our movie rental. Then we parked on the full lot in front of the new Hitching Post restaurant on King’s Ranch Road. A happening place! Inside it didn’t look all that much different than the Garage Pizza, a place we frequented last year, but which has since closed. Lots of tables and old people sitting around them. An old Kenny Rogers wanna-be was singing and playing guitar along with his karaoke tracks. Blues song. Sounded good. Full house. We found an available arboreta table in the corner and sat down. No peanuts in the shell here, but at least they had the handy-dandy roll of paper towel on each table.

We ordered: a glass of merlot for Sue, a pint jar of “Kilt-lifter” brew for me. A medium #1 pizza. “Good choice,” says our waiter. The big flat screens are showing the NFL channel, CNN, a basketball game, and NASCAR. Lots of tables have a plastic basket of chicken and fries on them — seems like the ‘broasted’ chicken is a specialty.

Our pizza arrives. Not bad. Now I’m hungry. And Kenny Rodgers has the old-timers up on the dance floor! A couple of old round-bellied guys with red golfing faces and neatly combed heads are leading ladies with dark brown dyed hair and new jeans and neatly pressed cowgirl blouses around on the dance floor. One couple is the reverse; he’s got the dark dyed hair and she’s got a neat gray hair-do to match her big shiny earrings. The old women sitting at some of the big tables are watching her jealously — how did that old bag manage to snag such a handsome young buck?

By the time I’ve finished my second pint jar and Sue has boxed up the 4 pieces of leftover pizza I’m ready to get out of here. We’re not old enough for this. Old guys in new Walmart Wrangler jeans prancing up to Kenny Rodgers with requests for old Waylon and Willie songs dedicated to their sweethearts. Good times. Even the ‘youngish’ couple sitting next to our table are clearly ‘made-up’ upon closer inspection. She’s got long black straight hair better suited to a teenager, and is squinting through her make-up, typing away at her Blackberry while he plays with his iPhone. Even when their food arrives, she’s got one hand on her phone while the other holds her sandwich. It’s disgusting.

Sue drives us back to our house. Next week we’ll check out the Firemen’s Pub across the street. I find what looks like a pretty good movie in the “unwatched movies” folder on my computer and start it playing back on the TV. Whoa, I’m tired! better lay my head down a bit. When I wake up the movie is just over. Sue has watched it by herself. We close up and head off to bed.