Farewell to the Janzens

It’s the last day here for Ron and Noreen. By midnight they’ll be back in Winnipeg, sleeping in their own beds again. The weather report says that the temperature in Winnipeg is not that far off from what we’ve got here. In fact, this morning it was RAINING here. Again. But by breakfast it had stopped.

After breakfast we all sat down to watch the second half of the movie ‘Selma’ — we were too tired to watch it to the end last night. Not bad — a good story even if the telling of it was a bit “Oprah-ish”. Then the girls went for a walk to the Mountain Brook clubhouse and back. Ron went looking for a barber. I sat at my computer and worked away at another website. We all met for lunch again — leftover pizza from last night. Then I went back on the computer while the rest of the gang went to the pool. The sun peeked out and warmed things up a bit for a while. Ron sat in the hot tub. By coffee break they were back at the house. Packing. Sue got a platter of cheese and crackers out and we sat around the table and had our last ‘happy hour’ together. At 5 o’clock we put the luggage in the van and headed out to the Sky Harbour Airport. I was expecting a bit of rush-hour traffic but we actually arrived at the airport at around 5:40. Plenty of time to spare. The Janzens’ flight is supposed to leave at 8pm.

After saying goodbye Sue and I drove down to the Arizona Mills Mall, just a couple of miles south of the airport. We’d never been there before but Dave D said he’d found good deals on shoes and golf clothing there. It took us nearly as long to drive down there as it had to get to the airport — now we were in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Once there we wandered through the big mall looking for the golf clothing stores. We found them, but not the things we were looking for. The only pants that were long enough were much to wide for me. We didn’t hang around there very long and soon were back on the 60 heading for home.

Sue made a quick supper and then we sat down to watch TV. We tried to watch another of my movie downloads but the sound was so bad we gave up and switched to Season 3 of ‘Suits’. After 2 episodes and a little bit of the CBC News Sue went to bed. I went back to the computer and coded away until nearly 1:00am before joining her.