Firecliff, round 2

The alarm woke me up at 6:00. I got up and made coffee and eggs and toast. Saturday, minus the bacon. I caught up on the latest news. I got myself dressed for a day at the golf course. My tee time today was for 8:50, so I wanted to be at the course by 8:30. And I was. I met Darrel and Ken. I went in to pay. Paul came driving up in his cart and I loaded my clubs next to his. And off we were.

Firecliff is truly a beautiful golf course. Sure, there are be sand traps all over the place, especially at strategic locations near where a tee shot may end up, and certainly around most of the greens. But last week when I golfed here I don’t think I was in more than one bunker. Well, not so today. I managed to find the bunkers early and regularly.

Ken and Paul are good golfers. Paul hits a long fade on every tee shot, and he parred his share of holes today. It was good to visit as we rode along the fairways. After 9 holes my score was 5 strokes poorer than last week (3 sevens!) — an even 50.

I did a bit better on the back nine — one 8 and NO sevens. Final score was 96. A lovely day and a fun morning.

Darrel and Ken had lunch at the course, and Paul and I joined them for a beer. After lunch Paul went home and I went to Darrel’s to pick up Reg’s golf clubs (I’ll be taking them home at the end of the month) and had another beer up in the condo with Darrel and Ken.

I headed home around 2pm. I stopped at Albertsons (grocery store) to get some of the items that are on my list. When I got home I was starving. I roasted a couple of hotdogs on the BBQ and wolfed down 2 hotdogs. Then I sat down in the living room and watched a couple of episodes of Shark Tank and wrote my blog post.

I slouched in my chair for the rest of the evening, working on my web project and watching SNL.