Friday Night at the Mall

Sue on her bicycleToday is Black Friday. A good day to stay away from shopping centers. Another warm day in Gold Canyon. Twenty eight degrees. A good day to go for a bike ride. We went for a spin around ‘our loop’ this morning. We think Superstition Mountain is almost as beautiful in the morning sunshine as it is at sunset. The ride felt great. We got home just after eleven — not quite time for lunch — maybe I should Skype my mom. Had a long Skype — showed Mom and Dad the house. Although I did my best to persuade her otherwise, Mom was convinced that we were NOT having a good time here. And anyway, we SHOULDN’T be enjoying ourselves — why don’t we just come home and take care of them and ‘be normal’. The usual. But it’s good to know that my parents are content where they are; they have a busy life socializing with friends and neighbours.

After lunch Sue went to the pool to read. I stayed home to do the same. Sue ended up napping more than reading and I spent most of the time at the computer — organizing photos from previous trips and ordering a new garage door keypad online.

We skipped happy hour and had an early supper. Then at 5:30 we hopped into the van and headed out to Mesa, to the Superstition Springs Mall. We ran around in Macy’s for almost an hour — tried on a few new pairs of shorts — and then got in the lineup at the cheap theatre for movie tickets. Wow! This place is rockin’! Not like it was a few years ago. When I finally got to the cashier she says the movie we want to see is ‘sold out’. Really? Well actually, almost sold out. Oh no. There isn’t really any other movie playing here right now that we want to see. We’ll take our chances and if we can’t find two seats together we’ll come back for a refund ($4.00). We hurry into the theatre and find three empty seats in a row about 5 rows from the front. Great. And for the next two and a half hours we sit there in that dark theatre and enjoy a movie. “The Judge”, starring Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall. It was a very good movie! We didn’t even need the little bag of smarties that Sue had packed in her purse to help us to stay awake. We didn’t NEED them — but we still ate them.

We got home in time for the CBC National and were in bed by eleven.