Thanksgiving Day

Today is American Thanksgiving. Our mailbox is full of flyers advertising Black Friday Sales. It’s a big holiday here.

Rudy hiking on Silly MountainSue and I went for a hike up Silly Mountain in the morning. We parked the van at Bashas and walked ‘the old route’ behind Jill’s house, up the mountain. I found a ‘new’ way down from one of the trails — Sue wasn’t too impressed as she inched her way downward. It was another hot day here — probably too hot to golf. We stopped at Bashas on the way home and Sue picked up a roasted chicken (our turkey dinner) and a box of stuffing.

By the time we got home the first of three-in-a-row NFL games was already over half finished. The neighbour across the wash in the backyard was entertaining a few friends — we don’t see a lot of him otherwise. It’s a holiday today! Sue spent part of the afternoon taking that roasted chicken apart and getting her supper ready. I watched the second NFL game.

Ed, Val, and Sue toasting the Thanksgiving holidayThe Peters arrived at 5:30pm. Happy hour and snacks. More football. I played the Loudon Wainwright “Thanksgiving” song and took a photo of the table. Dinner was great — not turkey and ham, but close! We watched the evening football game and visited. Of course, my predictions for who would would today’s games were WRONG — ALL THREE GAMES! I certainly am learning how to be a good loser.

Said goodnight to Ed and Val at around 10:30 and went to bed feeling very thankful.