Wednesday: Shopping and Golf

The Dycks have left. We read and computed in the morning. After lunch we went to Mountain Brook — Sue hopped into Val’s van and the two of them headed out to Kierland Commons, a shopping mall up in Scottsdale. Ed and I golfed. We were teamed up with a couple of retired guys who had sold their homes and were now living permanently in their motorhomes — on the road. The visiting went better than my golf game, although by the time we were on the last two holes things seemed to improve. I guess it might have been because we HAD to hit our shots straight — it was too dark to see the flight of the ball and the only way we could find it was to drive down the fairway and hope to see it where we thought it had gone. Yikes. It’s getting dark early here — we can’t really golf after 5:30 anymore.

I gave Ed a ride back to his house and was just about to go in for a drink when Val and Sue drive up the driveway. So the Nikkels went home and had a lovely supper. Sue phoned Alex for a while and we watched last week’s episode of Frontline (AirPlay from the computer to the TV). After the CBC National News I was done. Off to bed.