Adieu to the Dycks

We had another lazy day here. I had some web fix-ups to do in the morning. Sue was madly reading her book, hoping to finish it today. We were waiting to hear how Arlene’s visit with the doctor would go, and maybe go down to the Arboretum with the Dycks after that. At noon Robert emailed to invite us for happy hour and supper out — according to the doctor, Arlene’s ankle will be fine by the time they’re scheduled to go sailing just after Christmas, but I guess the ‘hike’ around the nature park is out. I looked for books to read in JP’s Dropbox and downloaded a few to my Kindle. Sue sat in the garage and read (we get the warm southern sun there in the afternoon). When she finally finished her book (“A House in the Sky”) we went for an hour-long walk. We got to the Dycks  at around 5:00 and after an hour of drinks and snacks we went to the Mexican restaurant for supper. The restaurant was busy — I guess being closed on Monday nights means folks here are extra hungry by Tuesday! We had a very fine evening, visiting with Robert and Arlene. They say they are packing up the motorhome bright and early tomorrow morning and heading out to Goodyear for a couple of days before leaving Arizona on Friday. We said our goodbyes at around 9:30. It’s been great spending time with them these past days — Arlene’s unfortunate ankle-break turned out to be a blessing when they decided to extend their stay here in Gold Canyon — and we’ll miss them.