Friday Night Pizza, #123

As busy as it was just outside our apartment all day today, the opposite was true INSIDE our apartment. Not a lot of activity here. Sue did a load of laundry and finished reading her Nelson Mandela book. So she started her next book. I spent all morning looking online at things to do in Cape Town (maybe we’ll actually DO them sometime!) and the afternoon working on web stuff. For a while it looked like we might take the bus out to the Old Biscuit Mill for lunch, but when lunch time had come and gone so did that notion.

There was action on the street below, and even in the garage below our place: I guess a few of the apartments here are available for short-term rentals, AirBnB, and so there were cars with trailers full of bikes unloading and groups of cyclists moving into apartments for this weekend above and beside us.

We finally DID leave the apartment at around 7:30, but only went as far as Mario’s, the Italian restaurant just around the corner from our place. Friday night, and with 35,000 cyclists and their friends and families here for the weekend, EVERY table in EVERY restaurant was busy tonight! Mario’s is an old ‘family’ restaurant, not as ‘hip’ as most of the places around here, and whenever we walk by it it looks ‘quiet’. But tonight it too was packed. We were lucky to get a table. We had a big bowl of mussels as a starter and a wood-fired pizza to share.

And that’s it for today! When we got home I sat out on the balcony and breathed in that cool evening air and listened to the talk and laughter coming from other balconies around our place for a while. And then I went to bed.