Saturday is Market Day

We got up early and had coffee. It was foggy outside but I could see hundreds of cyclists riding along Main Road just outside our balcony. They’re getting ready for the big Cape Town Bike Race tomorrow.

We ‘made a plan’ to be in Woodstock, an area on the east side of Cape Town, in time for a nine o’clock breakfast. Sue had read about a great breakfast dish served on Saturdays near the Old Biscuit Mill. According to their website, the Old Biscuit Mill is now “a vibrant, warm-hearted little village in the heart of Woodstock where talented people come together to share, collaborate and … show off the heart-felt passion.”

We checked Google maps to estimate what time we’d need to leave from our house in order to get to the mill by 9 — and were on the first bus by 8 o’clock. We ended up waiting for quite a long time before finally getting on the second bus. That bus took us for quite a long ride before we got off just a block away from the mill. It was nine o’clock when we walked through the gates into the shopping arcade.

A woman offered to take a photo of the two of us in front of the Old Biscuit Mill which is at the heart of the shopping area. When Sue asked her where we might find breakfast she immediately directed us to a small booth where a team of cooks were whipping up ‘Rostis’. Well if it isn’t exactly what Sue had read about! So I got some coffees while Sue stood in line waiting to get 2 ‘rostis’.

According to the Old Mill site, “a Rosti is a dose of heaven served on a paper plate, complete with a potato and coriander base, tender bacon, freshly grated Parmesan cheese, a poached egg and the best hollandaise sauce you will ever taste. Throw some chives, salt and pepper on top, and you have yourself the best breakfast of your life.”

After breakfast we wandered around the “Neighbourgoods Market”, enjoying samples at many of the food stalls. I went to look for the ‘Woo Themes’ shop, a company that makes themes and plugins for WordPress, some of which I’ve used — but the shop was closed on Saturday. We also looked in on the famous restaurant, The Test Kitchen.

It was starting to drizzle a bit so we headed back to the bus stop and took the bus back to town. We decided NOT to take the second leg of the trip by bus, opting to walk back to our place from the Civic Centre, a 30-minute walk.

Sue read and I sat at my computer for most of the rest of the afternoon. We had our little ‘happy hour’ out on the balcony in the late afternoon — there have been literally THOUSANDS of cyclists riding their road bikes out here since early this morning. I hope they have a great morning tomorrow.

At around 7pm I lit the barbecue. Sue made a salad and we had that with our pork tenderloin. It was delicious. After supper we watched a couple of documentaries on Netflix. It was just before midnight when we went to bed.