From Steinbach to Chicago

We got up at seven and I made some great coffee (fresh French roasted coffee beans). Because it was supposed to be a hot day today, Sue and I decided to go for an early walk. Sue had lost her reading glasses so we headed to Walgreens to see if they had replacements. Sue decided that none of the choices there were fashionable enough to frame her beautiful eyes. When we got home we selected a couple of golf clubs and walked across the road to the driving range to practice for 45 minutes. Then home for lunch.

Ed, Val, Linda, Rich, Rudy, and Sue at the top of Vista PointAfter lunch Sue went to the pool to read. I talked on the phone with Koop for a while and worked on my computer. Then I got a text from Val saying that they and Rich & Linda were on a boat cruise on Canyon Lake but would be happy to come to our place for happy hour at around five. Which they did. Rich and Linda are visiting Ed & Val for the week. So we had happy hour in our backyard and as the sun was about to set, we took a walk up to the top of Vista Point, the hill behind our place. Another beautiful Gold Canyon sunset.

Upon our return the Peters(es) invited us to join them for supper. And so we all hopped into Ed & Val’s van and headed out to Chicago Pizza at Superstition Springs. Good pizza, good fun, great friends. And Rich paid (thanks Rich).

We got back home at around 9 o’clock, just in time to watch the news. And then I fell asleep.