Getting ‘fixed up’

Going for a walkWhile I went for my first golf clinic at Mountain Brook today, Sue went to get her hair done. First Sue dropped me off at the golf course for 9 am. As we’re unloading the clubs, another Manitoba car pulls up behind us and the guy says something about ‘Steinbachers’. It’s Brian Reimer, Bob Kehler, and Vic Reimer — and they’re golf here this morning. No, I’m not golfing — I’m going to try the ‘Fairway woods and hybrids’ clinic. There are 5 of us who will get a 90 minute lesson from Curt Miles, the resident pro and co-manager of this golf club. And it’s helpful, although I’ll have to wait and see how it pays off in a real game.

After my lesson I waited for Sue to come pick me up. When she arrived she was in a hurry to get to her 11 o’clock appointment for a haircut at a salon near Bashas. So she dropped me off on King’s Ranch Road and took off for her appointment. And as soon as I’d walked about 10 steps I realized that I didn’t have a key to get into the house. Shoot! Well, I took my time walking, and ended up sitting in the shade in our backyard, waiting for Sue to come home. Which she did, an hour and a half later. Well, both of us had had a successful morning — Sue’s got her hair fixed, I got my golf swing fixed.

After lunch I did a couple of computer jobs for Koop. Sue went to the pool. Mid-afternoon our Amazon order arrived — books for Sue, coffee filters and new guitar strings for me. Just before sunset we went for a walk, to Walgreen’s and back. Sue had a lot to talk about — she hadn’t been able to read at all at the pool because of the entertaining conversations she’d overheard at the pool.

After supper we watched some TV. By 9pm I was drifting off pretty regularly. Sue too. She went to bed, I went to work on the computer — did that from 10 to midnight and then had a bit of trouble falling asleep.