Veteran’s Day

sue_on_hikeThat’s what they call Remembrance Day here in the U.S. I started off the morning working on the MTG website. Then Sue declared that if we’re going to go for a hike today we’d better go now, before it gets too hot. We put on our hiking boots and went up the little hill (Vista Point?) behind our house. There were a few marked paths going up. It’s not a very long climb. But, amazingly, the view from up there is pretty impressive. We can see Sidewinder Golf Course, Peralta, and lots of desert with mountains in the distance.

Well, that was hardly a workout. Let’s go for a bike ride. Our old ‘loop’ around Gold Canyon. Which we did. My new chain and cassette on the bike was a bit of a disappointment as it still clunked with every turn of the pedals. I’ll have to make a return trip to the bike shop.

sue_on_bikeIt was lunch time by the time we got home. After lunch we doddled around — Sue made sauce for the spaghetti supper for tonight, I played on the computer. Then we used the clothes line I’d bought to re-string the old lounger we got on the garage sale. I fixed up the water line from the sink to the fridge and stabbed my finger in the process. Happy hour, with a bit of putting on our putting green. Supper. Skype call from Mom. (Now they’ve got snow and cold at home. My sister Linda from BC is coming for a visit on Thursday.)

What’s on TV? Hey, half the channels we got on Sunday are now ‘unavailable’! What’s with that? How does that work? Finally Sue put one of the DVDs from the collection into the player. It’s Complicated. Well, not really. I fell asleep by halftime, woke up once for part of the news, was in bed just before 10. Oh boy, this is getting ridiculous.