We Can’t Shop Like This Everyday!

After morning toast and fruit I loaded my bike into the van and we went to the Santan Village Shopping Center in Gilbert, about 25 miles from our place. I took my bike to a bike shop there to have the chain replaced. Then, while the guy repaired my bike, Sue and I went to the Costco nearby. Yikes. A short grocery list doesn’t work at a place like that! Even the shopping carts are so oversized that you feel like a little kid pushing them around the maze of double-wide aisles. So we walked out with huge ‘econo-size’ containers of things. The van was full! After a quick lunch we went back to pick up the bike. Then a stop at Total Wine. More ‘deals’. I loaded up on Pilsner Urquell, the Czech beer we had on our European bike trip. On the way back home we made yet another stop. A ‘Super’ Target store. Sue bought a few more toiletries and I found the extension cords I wanted to get.

Hole #9 at Mountain Brook Golf CourseBack at home Sue barely had time to carve up the massive hunks of pork from Costco and put away the groceries while I strung our living room wall lamps together with those afore-mentioned extension cords. We had to hurry to get to Mountain Brook for our 3:00 tee time. We needn’t have hurried. We still finished before the shadows were too long to find our ball — although, as you can see from the photo, by the last hole the mountain was looking pretty good.

Back at the ranch Sue got supper ready — our first barbecue — and then I watched Monday Night Football (another blow-out) while Sue visited on the phone. After the news and a bit of late night talk shows (yeah, we’re managing to stay up past 9:00pm) we went to bed.