NFL Sunday – what channels do we get?

I got out of bed at around 4:30 and read my blogs and made coffee while Sue snoozed for a few more hours. By 7 we were having our toast and fruit. We had another visit with Max in the morning — he seems quite happy to talk on FaceTime. We drank our coffee and watched CBS Sunday Morning. Sue went to sit outside while I watched some pre-game NFL talk shows. Because we’re an hour ahead of Steinbach, but our Shaw on-screen TV Guide is on ‘Steinbach’ time, I had to try to figure out which NFL games we could watch and when. By 11:00 I was ready for a day of football. We probably should have gone to the Cardinals’ game here in Phoenix — they played the Rams and won, even though they lost their quarterback to a season-ending injury. But my Giants were playing the Seahawks at the same time and although I didn’t have much hope for them — you never know! Well, now I know. Another blowout! Although not as bad as the Bears were blown-out by the Packers in the Sunday night game! By halftime we switched over to 60 Minutes, and by the time the CBC National News was on I had already dozed off a few times.