Mountain Brook — Our old stompin’ grounds

Bacon and eggs — it must be Saturday. I had my first coffee shortly after 6am while Sue did her best to try to catch a few winks in the morning after not falling asleep until after 3. I watched the sun come up. Sue finally got out of bed and made us bacon and eggs. Then we had a FaceTime call from the kids — which was great! Good connection, and Max seemed quite interested in watching a tour of our place here.

We wanted to get an early start today — it’s ‘garage sale’ day here — but when we finally got all ready to go I noticed a problem with Sue’s bike and had to fix that first. We cycled around Mountain Brook — we were sort of looking for a lounger for Sue to enjoy in the sun in our backyard. We were also looking for some different cutlery — the cutlery here is VERY basic. So we scouted out the garage sales. And, although it seemed that most people were winding things down, having sold stuff yesterday and early this morning, we still managed to find the things we were looking for. Sue bought a serving tray, a lounger, and I bought (another) golf pull-cart. Then we went to an ‘estate sale’ we’d heard about — and there we found some pretty good cutlery and another lounger. So we hurried home and traded our bikes for the van and went back to collect our purchases.

sue_with_clubsWe had lunch at around 1pm. Sue had a bit of a snooze while I sorted out our golf clubs and balls. Then, at 2:30, we headed to Mountain Brook. Not a lot of golfers out today, in spite of the great weather! 30 degrees, sunny. I put some lotion on my schnoss and Sue bought a snazzy new ‘Mountain Brook’ visor. Then off we were. No one ahead of us, no one behind. Started off not so hot. But a crazy feeling of deja vu as we walked the front nine — this is where we first started to golf 4 years ago and it felt eerily familiar.

rudy_at_the_teeWe were finished in record time; probably a bit TOO early! It was really too early for us to head to the Hitching Post to pick up a pizza. Plus, we really wanted to have a gin and tonic and watch the sun go down, but we didn’t have any gin. So we went to Bashas and bought a bottle and a pre-fab uncooked pizza. Back at the Flint house we had a sundowner and watched the sun paint Superstition Mountain. It was beautiful outside — a coolish breeze blew in from the east just as the sun set. Then I showered and Sue cooked the pizza. After supper we sat ourselves down in front of the TV and watched a movie.