Giants Lose! Giants Lose!

Giants loseTuesday: No, not those Giants! The San Francisco Giants. Lost to the Chicago Cubs. This very hot afternoon, at the Giants home park in Scottsdale. Lawn seats $15 each. Full house. Sat on beach towels. By the time we left the temperature read-out in the van said 36 degrees.

Rudy and Sue at the ball gameWent for a walk to Walgreens in the morning, returned our DVD rental. Had an early lunch so that we could get to the stadium in Scottsdale before 1:00. Hoped to buy scalpers tickets for cheap. Walked all around the stadium — scalpers were asking face value or better. Finally Sue bought $15 lawn seats from the ticket booth just as I found a pair of seats over the dugout for $20 apiece. It was lucky that we found a spot on the lawn not far from a tree — so after the first few innings I actually was sitting in the shade.

Reading in the shadeThe Cubs were in control of the game early on. I read my book for the last few innings.

Got home and had happy hour. Then we barbecued bacon cheeseburgers and had some more of that delicious leftover potato salad. Watched Daily Show reruns and 60 Minute reruns. I tried to read some more of my ‘shipwreck’ disaster story on my Kindle. Wiped. Went to bed at 10pm!