Doin’ Nothin’

Monday: We were going to go to a baseball game today, but never got around to it. The weather was perfect. Sat outside and read. Sue did laundry. At 11 we hopped on our bikes for a ride to Walgreens and back, with little side trips to ‘Deerfield’ and around Ed and Val’s loop. After lunch we read some more. Looked up tickets to ball games on — maybe we’ll check that out a bit more later in the week. I ordered a keypad deadbolt for our front door at home from Amazon. I finished reading the story of Mellissa Fung, a CBC journalist kidnapped in Afghanistan, on my new Kindle. Love the Kindle. Book was okay. Barbecued bacon-wrapped steak for supper. Sue made potato salad. Then we watched our movie, “The Skin I Live In”, a Spanish movie with subtitles. Weird but interesting. A bit of CBC news from home and Sue went to bed early. I started reading my next book, “Ten Degrees of Reckoning”.