Sue hates golf

Sunday: Morning TV shows were off a bit — because of Daylight Savings Time, which Arizona does not observe, we missed Fareed the first time around. Good thing CNN repeats it a couple of hours later. No French toast today because we don’t have French bread to go with our French pork sausages and French icing sugar and French syrup, so we had regular toast. Read a bit, I on my new Kindle, Sue one of Jill’s “Paula Dean” books. After lunch Sue made a few phone calls: brother Al, Karen Pries (tips for her upcoming visit to Greece). I watched golf on TV. Inspiring. Then at 3:30 we went golfing — first to the driving range, then our regular nine holes. Conditions: excellent. Performance: Sue almost quit before finishing the first hole, Rudy had poor luck using Tim’s driver, but scored low 50s and was happy with his game. Sue has decreed that we will not be golfing Mountain Brook again for a while — that course is cursed. She will find us a better course where we will be able to once and for all conquer that game.

Supper was leftover stir-fry for Rudy, porridge for Sue. Then “60 Minutes”. Then a movie on TV (we returned “The Rum Diaries” to Walgreens today without having watched it). We cried our way through “My Sister’s Keeper”. Then a bit of “Fox Sunday” rerun, with guest Newt Gingrich. Ended the day watching Holmes rip apart an old house and rebuild it according to code — what a great show!