Hike, Golf, TV

Saturday: Bacon and eggs. Hiked on Silly Mountain — not too strenuous because Sue’s back is still “iffy” and my feet are still sore. After lunch Sue went outside to read and I played on my computer, downloading and organizing a bunch of Yo-Yo Ma music in iTunes. We left early for our 4:00 tee time and hit a bucket of balls — I was trying out Tim’s driver and had a bit of success. It didn’t really improve our golf scores — Sue had 55, I had 57 — but we had fun. The weather was perfect, no pressure from other golfers. When we got home Sue started making supper (stir fry) and Charlotte from next door came over to deliver the junk mail — and my new Kindle! After supper we watched a bunch of “48 Hours” reruns on TV, then the movie “The Hangover” (on TV), then SNL. Went to bed before midnight.