Our first 2012 Cactus League game

Friday: Spent the morning working on my kindle and ibook files — the kindle I ordered is supposed to arrive here on Monday. Sue read and talked on the phone. We had an early lunch. Then we headed out in the van — filled up gas (it’s getting close to $4.00 per gallon again!), and went to Talking Stick up in Scottsdale to the Salt River Field baseball park. Watched the ‘home team’ Colorado Rockies lose to the Oakland A’s. The weather was great — about 74 degrees. We sat on the lawn and watched kids running around, guys sitting around drinking beer and talking sports, and girls in skimpy sun dresses looking great. Good times. After the game we had ice cream cones at McDonalds. Then we went to a nearby Walmart to buy tea towels for Sue and soap refills. Then to Macy’s on Power Road where Sue did NOT get the lipstick she went in for — after almost an hour of sampling and ‘negotiations’. Next time. We only got home at around 7, after sunset. Barbecued 2 sausages, Sue made beans and ‘cheesy’ rice to go with it. Watched our Comedy Central shows followed by our DVD rental “J Edgar”. A bit slow-moving. Letterman. Then off to bed.