Golfing again!

Thursday: I spent all morning and a good part of the afternoon going through a bunch of books that I downloaded using Vuze — and I worked on converting them to ePub and to Kindle versions — which works! So I uploaded them to iBooks on Sue’s iPad and a couple as Kindle versions too. We went for a bike ride to Walgreens after watching Charlie Rose until 2pm. We returned the DVD from yesterday. Tried to buy a new watch battery for Sue but they didn’t have one. We got home just in time to get ourselves ready for our 4:15 tee time. It is a perfect day for golf today. And we hit a small bucket of balls on the driving range before our game. And we had a great time — no one behind us.

For supper Sue made another great fish dish with potatoes and a salad. Then, after we watched our Comedy Central reruns, we watched the movie “We Need to Talk About Kevin”, which I had downloaded and burned to a DVD. It was pretty bleak. Then Sue watched a bit of Piers Morgan and played Scrabble before going to bed.