Golf at Estrella

Monday: Woke up just after 6. A quick breakfast and shower and then we were on our way to Goodyear. We were a bit worried about making it there on time for our 10:00 tee time, but we managed to stay in the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lane most of the way and even had time to fill up gas before joining our friends at the Estrella Golf Club. I rode the cart with Reg, while Robert and Henry rode in the second cart. The girls were right behind us, Sue and Ingrid, Arlene and Penny. It was windy but otherwise very comfortable.

My game was up and down — started off with a par, but blew it on every second hole. Sue golfed well all day, but was less than pleased with her putting. We had a great day.

We headed to the Goodyear house at around 2:30. I visited quite a bit with Henry, learning a bit about what he does (trade commodities). We watched the sunset and had a very fine steak barbecue — for my birthday! Sat around the table for a couple of hours and told stories.

We finally pulled ourselves away from the table and said our goodbyes. Reg and Ingrid are heading home tomorrow. The other four are leaving on Thursday. Robert may come by here on Wednesday to drop off his road bike for us to take home for him.

At home we checked our respective computers for new emails (a few) and watched a bit of TV before calling it a day.