Afternoon nap — now THAT’s relaxing!

Tuesday: After yesterday’s busy day, today was the opposite. Sue did some more laundry. She had a long phone call with Garth. I did a bit of logo work for Tim. Then at around 11 we went for a bike ride (my first since before Tim and Alex were here). Lunch. A bit of reading. Finally, after fighting it for a little too long, I gave in and went for a nap. Probably 2 hours. Great. Woke up in time for happy hour. Watched the Daily Show rerun. Then we had a skype call from Alex. The news is out. She’s told her in-laws, her boss, and Irmy. She seems happy. So are we. Then I cooked the crap out of a couple of chicken breasts while Sue prepared mac and cheese leftovers. We had supper. We watched 60 Minute reruns. Then some PBS docs on the Panama Canal. Then news. Night snacks: ice cream with chocolate sauce, pistachios, a Coke. Late night TV. To bed. Tomorrow Robert and Arlene are coming over for lunch and some golf. Should be fun.