Golf, Gluten (or lack of it) and Good Times

Daylight savings time or just the excitement of being here or perhaps the habit I have of talking on the phone with Anastasia on her way to school causes me to wake up early. Today it was 4:40 when my eyes opened and there was no sleep after that. So I puttered around until it was time to call Ana and had a great chat. Rio said to his mom in the course of the morning, “Don’t embarrass me, Momma.” Yikes, kids are like sponges and repeat a lot of stuff. I guess he is just trying out some phrases that he can use in his teenage years.

Rudy and I take our morning walk around the area. What can I say other than it is great as usual. So beautiful and peaceful. Breakfast is crepes (gluten free of course) with fruit. Rudy is listening to a new Bruce Cockburn album which I find somewhat tedious for the most part. At one point during a 9 and a half minute song I mention how I am not so fond of it. It is basically mumble mumble in a minor key for a looooonnnnnng time. Rudy rebuffs this by saying how great a resolve it has. Listen to this he says. It switches to a major key with horns and harmony and is quite lovely. All this to say that it is nice to live with someone who has a greater understanding and appreciation of music than me and although I certainly have not been convinced to like the mumble chanting, I can appreciate some of the other stuff once Rudy paints a picture of what is great about it.

After this we pack up our golf clubs and head to the driving range just up the street at the College of the Desert. The sun is high by now and by the time we have finished I am hot and sweaty. But it is a whole pile of fun and I actually make some good shots. I enjoy a good activity and if I can figure out a bit how to tweak things to get better, I am totally satisfied.

Rudy and I spend some time at the pool and then in the hot tub and then mix up some gluten free pizza dough. I lie on the couch and fall asleep and when I wake Rudy has continued on with the pizza project and we have supper. Rudy pronounces the gluten free crust acceptable. I am not so excited about it but it fills the stomach.

In the evening we watch a couple of episodes of the Netflix special, All The Light You Cannot See” based on the book by Anthony Doerr. It is good and the actress who plays Marie is incredible especially since it is her first time acting.

We are off to bed fairly early as Rudy has a 6:40 tee time in the morning. Yikes!