Working on my Professional Golf Game and Other Pastimes

Rudy’s tee time is at 6:40 this morning. In my subconscious I register the fact that Rudy is up early but I really only wake at 7. This is much too late for a phone call to Ana so instead I relax and drink tea and have breakfast. Yum, real bread, packed with nasty gluten and smothered in peanut butter is delicious. I know I don’t have to eat the same things as Rudy but so far it has been much easier to do that. After a slow start with a couple of cups of tea I go out and get 2 golf clubs from Alex’s bag and bungie cord them on to may bike. I cycle down to the driving range not too far away and get a large bucket of balls to whack at. I situate myself between an older gentleman who has a chair set up nearby to take breaks and a younger man who is whacking furiously without a break. Initially I feel self conscious but as time goes by I just settle into my own little world. I don’t have great success with the 7 iron but manage a few good hits. I have way better luck with the driver and after all is done, I am satisfied and also a little stiff. Back on my bike I head home and then decide to go the long way around just to get more exercise.

Rudy comes home after lunch. Has all the work been done for the day? Perhaps. I spend some pool time, read some of my book, catch up on some phone calls to family, and do a bunch of nothing.