Golf, Golf, and more Golf

Saturday: Woke up and Sue made bacon and eggs for us and the Driedgers. We watched a bit more of the Phoenix Open this morning. It was exciting to see the thousands of fans cheering on the golfers at the sixteenth hole. Sue and MaryLou went shopping for supplies for tonight’s barbecue with Dave’s brother and sister-in-law.

After lunch the other Driedgers arrived from their place in Scottsdale. Paul and Shirley Driedger live in Leamington. They’re here in Phoenix for a few weeks and Dave and MaryLou plan to spend some time with them later this month. We sat around for a while and then the Driedger foursome was off to Mountain Brook for an afternoon of golf. Sue talked to Alex on the phone for a bit until it was time for us to also head off to the golf course. Hit a small bucket of balls before going for nine holes. We finished at around 5:15 and went home to prepare supper for the visitors. The Phoenix Open third day was done so no more golf on TV tonight.

The Driedgers stopped to do a bit of shopping before coming here after their 18 holes of golf. The sun was setting. It was Saturday Night!

We had crackers and cheese and drinks and visited for a while. I barbecued and Sue and MaryLou got potatoes and salad ready. Then we sat around the dinner table and sang the Doxology. Supper was good. Visit was good too. We drank about half the half case of wine that Dave bought at Bashas. At around 10:30 Paul and Shirley said goodbye and left for their place in Scottsdale. We cleaned up the table and watched a bit of Saturday Night Live before crashing for the night.