If it’s Friday it must be pizza night

Friday: Started out as a not-so-good day but it sure picked up as it went along. I woke up at around 7, had breakfast, and tried to track Dave and MaryLou’s flight from Honolulu to the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Looked like they might be here early, but that didn’t stop us from farting around all morning and leaving later than we probably should have. The guy  across the street from our house was standing at the end of his driveway, shivering in the morning cold, golf bag at his side, waiting to be picked up by someone. Asks me where I’m off to. The airport. Traffic will be terrible because of the Phoenix Open up in Scottsdale. I’ll be late for sure. We drive Dave’s car to the airport, no GPS, and when I get there I’m there just in time — Dave and MaryLou are there with their luggage, waiting. We discuss whether or not to go to north Scottsdale to watch the Phoenix Open — MaryLou is not really interested but will go if I say so. I know Sue doesn’t really care to. I defer and we decide to go back to our house, have a second breakfast, lie around, do laundry, wait for our 3:00pm tee time at Mountain Brook.

We have lunch at 1 because we had that late breakfast. I’m tired, think I need a nap, maybe I should read that book that’s barely half read, but in the end I watch some Phoenix Open on the Golf Channel (hey, I didn’t know we got that channel!) and then when 3:00pm rolls around we have to hurry to get to the golf course. Ed Peters still has our van (went to Camelback to golf) so we all pile into Dave’s car (okay, here it is, it has a stone chip on the windshield from our trip to the airport this morning) and unload our clubs at the course and it’s time to go tee off and we do that and my shot is okay, second shot even better, and I friggin birdie the first hole! Well, it’s one step forward, two steps back; but overall, I’m playing pretty good and sure am having fun. At the ninth hole up walks Ed Peters, delivering our van to us (it’s on the parking lot).

After golf the girls go home and Dave and I go to pick up pizzas at the Firehouse Bar & Grill. We watch the finish of Day 2 at the Phoenix Open on the TV there while we wait. Bring home two slightly burnt pizzas. Have supper. Then, just as we are finishing watching the Daily Show and Colbert Report reruns, the doorbell rings and it’s Ed and Val and Shirl and Mark come for a visit. We all stand around and drink wine and talk loudly. Some of us laugh from time to time. Not too much. Good times. Just like old times. Review the highlights of the day — some of us were golfing here, some were golfing fancier courses, some were shopping, some were reading. Some were doing a good job of holding off the effects of jet lag.

By 10 the company has left. We sit at our respective computing devices and ‘do some Facebook’. Okay, probably not Facebook. MaryLou’s computer dies. But it recovers, so that’s good news. A little talk about the benefits of backing up. Okay, now it’s time to go to bed. It’s after 10:30pm, a respectable hour to go to bed. Finally. I was getting tired of ‘hanging in there’.

Yep, another perfect day in paradise. Welcome home, Dave and MaryLou.