Golfing at the Oasis — and hit 95!

Went golfing at the Oasis Golf & Country Club this afternoon. We had a 3:15 tee time — which meant we would be golfing during the hottest part of the day! We were partnered up with a couple from Victoria, BC. Tim and I had golfed this course earlier — it’s a pretty course, short, lots of water — not unlike the Chaparral Course. Started off with a bloop onto the 4th green! Hmmm… Second shot hit a nearby palm tree and fell straight down. Third shot into the lake. So only a couple of too short chip shots and I was on the green! Now if only I could putt.

golf-oasis rudy-golf-oasis sue-golf-oasis

Things improved (how could they NOT!) a bit after that. By the time we started the back nine my game had improved a bit and Sue’s was falling apart. We all kept telling each other ‘this is GOLF’. Although we weren’t golfing quickly, we easily finished all eighteen holes with plenty of sunshine left. Speaking of sunshine, did I mention that the temperature hit 95 degrees Fahrenheit today? So while my golf score didn’t break 100, the temperature nearly did. And it’s supposed to get even hotter tomorrow.

After golf we stopped at the Albertson’s on Monterey for more beer, ice cream, pop, and a movie. Back at the ranch we kicked off our shoes and sat down with a gin and tonic before starting supper. Whistle dogs on the barbecue, Moose Tracks ice cream for night snack. Watched my movie, ‘Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away’. Tried hard not to fall asleep — all that heat makes a guy downright tired! Finally shut ‘er down at 11:30 and fell asleep before the start of David Letterman — well, Sue may have seen it but not me.