Golfing Longbow

I went to Mountain Brook in the morning — they were having a free ‘Demo Day’ where 4 or 5 golf club companies were showing their new products. I wanted to find a driver that would feel similar to Sue’s Callaway driver, which I have started using all the time. So I hit a bucket’s worth of balls with a new ‘Big Bertha’ — and it felt good. But I didn’t buy the club. Ed and Lyle showed up too. Lyle was hitting balls off the end of the driving range with an Adams driver! The day was cool and cloudy — really the first REAL cloudy day we’ve had here. But a good day to golf.

Ed and Lyle at LongbowI went home for lunch and left just after 12 noon to pick up the Peters boys. We drove out to the Longbow Golf Course. Ed bought a discount card which gave us each a $20 savings on green fees. We had a 1 o’clock tee time and probably got on a bit early. I managed to dribble my first shot just over the desert scrub onto the grass. Not a great start. I continued to make my way down the first fairway from side to side until I got to the green. I criss-crossed the green. Holed out the first hole with a nine. Well, at least my play made the Peters boys look like pros.

We wore sweaters all day and no sunglasses. And the course was very nice — so nice that airplanes were flying low overhead all the time. I don’t think my nephew Matt Penner would have been able to golf here at all — he’d be looking up too much. Actually, I was looking up a fair bit too — at least that’s the critique I got every time I shanked another shot! But things got better as the afternoon progressed. And anyway, we had fun.

By the time we were done we’d even had a few (a VERY few) droplets of rain. And the cloud cover made it seem darker than usual. All three of us ended up with respectable scores — I think I shot a 96, which is very good for me these days. I dropped the boys off at their house and headed home.

Supper was ready when I got home. After supper I watched the CBC news a few times. After Jon Stewart and Jimmy Fallon I went to bed.