Cloudy Wednesday

That’s about as exciting as it got today! I did a bit of computer work in the morning. After that we both spent most of the day reading. Sue finished her book, “Girl Runner” by Carrie Snyder (8.5 out of 10), a book she borrowed from Val. I got about halfway through my book, “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.” I even had a short little nap in the afternoon. We went for a walk around Mountain Brook and I picked up a DVD at the Redbox at Walgreens. After happy hour we had spaghetti for supper. Then we watched a couple of movies: A Most Wanted Man (another John le Carré story, just as convoluted as “Tinker, Tailor” a couple of years ago), and “A Birder’s Guide To Everything” (so-so), a movie I had downloaded a month or two ago. We watched Jon Stewart and went to bed, where we fell asleep to a rerun of the James Taylor/Carole King concert on PBS. When I woke up at around 2am I could hear RAIN on the rooftop!