Good-bye Hildebrands, Hello Hildebrands

Well, the Hildebrands’ time in the sun is about done. They’re heading north today, scheduled to be back in the frozen tundra that is home for all of us by next weekend.

Sue rustled up some bacon and eggs for breakfast. (No break from the Nikkel routine, even for visitors!) A second pot of coffee. Ed and Millie pored over their devices, trying to figure out a route that would take them home by way of one more work-away connection in South Dakota. What’s the weather look like in Denver? Oh oh, snow in the forecast. How about in Kansas City? Hmmm… Oh well, we’ll be okay. We’ll just ‘wing it’. They packed up their stuff, we said our goodbyes, and they were on the road by about 10.

Sue did the laundry. I vacuumed. We have company coming for dinner tonight, and then tomorrow we’ll pick up the ‘other Ed Hildebrand’ (and his wife Jessie) who will stay with us for the coming week.

We had ONE LAST film to watch before tomorrow’s Oscars. “Citizenfour” is a two-hour documentary about Edward Snowden. We watched that this afternoon. We’d seen much of the story on various news and documentary shows — but this one gave us a pretty good glimpse of who Snowden is.

Sue went outside to read. I texted Ed Peters who came over right away to ‘re-calibrate’ the satellite dish for our TV.

At around 5:30 the Peters and Foxes came over. We had drinks outside. Then I barbecued the pork and we had dinner and sat and visited around the table for a few hours. The Jets were playing the Maple Leafs on TV — and ultimately lost in overtime. We moved to the living room and had dessert and coffee. I fun evening.

By 10:30 our company had left; we watched a bit of TV and then went to bed.