More great weather ahead

It’s getting busy at the golf courses now. Great weather today, and the forecast for the next week is more of the same. Sue and I thought we’d maybe like to go to Mountain Brook and walk nine holes late this afternoon. Last time we did that we teed off at 3 o’clock but ended up waiting for golfers ahead of us at every hole. So today, when I called in to make a reservation, the earliest I could get was 3:45. Well, that’s okay — the days are getting longer and that way we’ll probably be the LAST ones on the course and we’ll finish at about the same time as if we started at 3. Oh no, not today. We were paired up with another couple and there were golfers ahead and behind us, waiting to tee off. So it was NOT a fast round. In fact, we had to text Dave and Marylou that we’d be LATE for our own dinner tonight. We’d invited the Driedgers and the Neufelds to come for supper at 6. We didn’t get home until 6:20. But they were good sports about it and we had a fine evening with them. Sue had prepped all the food in the afternoon while I went to the driving range. Not that I actually practiced — no, an old guy next to me wanted to visit the whole time, telling me all about his various vacations. So I went home without even taking out my driver. Sue and I went for a bike ride ‘around our loop’ this morning, stopping at Bashas so Sue could pick up some things for her dinner tonight. I stopped at the driving range on our way back and said hello to Ed and Brian, who were about to golf Dinosaur. Brian’s going home late today, leaving behind some pretty fine weather. Speaking of which, today was ‘Groundhog Day’ so now we all know what to expect weather-wise. I guess a rodent’s forecast is probably about as accurate as that Yahoo weather app on Sue’s iPad. Well, that’s probably enough rambling for one day. Tomorrow I’ll work on that crazy photo gallery script for my website again — so that will be fun. And that’s the news from here. Adios.