Bluegrass at the Handlebar

String 'Em Up Band
String ‘Em Up Band

We had a late breakfast. After skyping with JP, Sue and I went for a long walk out on Sleepy Hollow behind our place. After lunch I worked on my photo website while Sue went to the pool to read. At around 2pm I headed to the driving range across the road. Ed Peters was already there. I hit a few drives and then it was time for us to get to Mountain Brook to make our 2:52 tee time. Dave, Ed, and I teed off pretty much right on time. Then on the second hole the group ahead of us waved us onto the green so we could play through. Nice! Now there was no one ahead of us, and no pressure from behind us. And although it was warm, I didn’t think it was uncomfortably warm. We had a great nine holes, finishing in 90 minutes. Dave had a great game, finishing with one over par. I parred a couple of holes too and finished with a 42. Ed and Dave came over to our place for drinks after the golf. Then we all headed into Apache Junction to the Handlebar Pub & Grill, where we met Hans and Chris. They’d made a reservation there a couple of weeks ago already — and a good thing, because it was a full house for ‘Bluegrass’ night and the “String ‘Em Up Band” was already in full stride. We ordered our burgers and drafts and enjoyed the music, even singing along (loudly!) with the band at times. By 8pm we were satisfied and tired and headed home. Back at the ranch Sue and I did our best to stay awake for another episode of “Suits” and even started watching one of my cued up documentaries. I believe we had some ice cream for ‘dessert’ at some point in the evening, but that was about as much fun as a guy like me can take in one day, and I have no idea how I made into bed, but that’s where I found myself when I woke up (for the first time) at around 2am.