Foxcatcher at Talking Sticks

This morning we went for an hour and a half long walk, out to the Fairway Grill on the highway, just to check it out. It wasn’t open yet.

After lunch Sue went to the pool and I worked on the computer. At 3 o’clock the Driedgers were here to pick us up to go see a movie. We had one last ‘big’ movie with lots of Oscar nominations left to see, but ‘Foxcatcher’ was only playing in a few theatres and none of them close to our place. So we had to drive out to the theatre at Talking Sticks. The theatre was very nice, and very empty. Right up until the actual start of the movie (so that’s about 30 minutes of previews and advertising first) we were the ONLY ones there. And the movie was pretty good — eerie story with great performances by the actors. After the movie there was some question about whether we should stay and have supper at the ‘pavilions’ and watch another movie. The Driedgers hadn’t seen ‘Whiplash’ and really wanted to see it, but Sue did not — and anyway, I have it downloaded and we could watch it at our house.

So we headed back to our house. That was good too, since we had a fridge full of leftovers and this way we could start fresh on Friday. Sue warmed up supper. After supper I decided NOT to watch ‘Whiplash’ again, but rather force the Driedgers to watch that ‘Letter to Zachary’ movie that Sue and I had enjoyed a few days ago on Netflix. Which we did. So we sat there sobbing away and eating cookies and grapes. After the Driedgers left we watched the CBC News and went to bed.