Hike, Read, Golf, Movie — and Friday Night Pizza

Friday: Another hot day in Arizona. We got up early, had a couple of great cups of coffee. Then we added toast (breakfast). Read a bit. Did some computer work for Smitty’s. Went for a hike up Silly Mountain. Got back at 11. A bit more computing, lunch, more reading. Alex skyped — she’s home from school, ready to fly here tomorrow from Grand Forks. Spring Break. Tim is home too. Excited.

We went golfing at 4:10. Great afternoon. No one behind us. Slow pokes ahead of us. I bogied hole #1 and birdied (with a long chip shot) hole #2. And continued with mostly bogies for a few more holes. All good things come to an end. A couple of 8’s. Final score 49 on nine holes, Sue a 47. Fun times. Warm. Gorgeous sunset. Great course.

almost "home made" pizzaStopped at Basha’s on the way home and picked up a large pizza and some additives. Sue add italian sausage and a bit of mozza cheese and we called it a pretty good pizza. After supper we watched ‘Chef Ramsay’ solve another ‘Kitchen Nightmare’.  The we watched our Redbox DVD, “Martha Marcy May Marlene”.